Thank you for visiting my website! Currently, I am the Senior R&D Engineer for RTC Manufacturing with an ABET accredited degree in Computer Engineering (BSE) from the University of Texas at Arlington. I am currently working towards a degree in Computer Engineering (MS) from the same Institute. RTC Manufacturing is a privately held company in Arlington, TX that manufactures and sells ground traffic control devices across the United States and Canada. In my current role here there is no part of the development process I am not involved in. I draw block diagrams and mock up bullet point specifications for imagined projects. I design embedded systems to meet the specifications with peripherals such as UART, I2C, USB, LoRa, and/or BLE. I develop the firmware for such embedded systems so as to interface with third-party sensors and remotely communicate through the TCP/IP and 4G LTE domains. I build services and manage servers hosting databases which collect and store the data gathered in the field and relayed through the internet or data network by the third-party sensors. I produce the front end client-hosted or web-based applications for clients to manage and operate their end product. I analyze and test everything along the way. In short, I transmute turnkey IoT solutions from scratch inside the client, TCP/IP, and/or 4G LTE domains for use in an industry where safety is the foremost priority. Prior to joining RTC Manufacturing I worked as a student at the UTA Engineering Research Building where I showcased my aptitude for the engineering trade by furnishing my first client-contracted projects to TrafficNet LLC.

While my time at RTC Manufacturing has been very fruitful, I am ever eager to discover my value in the open marketplace. Accordingly, I am excited to learn from porspective employers which skills I posses that are in high demand and (more importantly) which skills I must acquire to remain a valuable commodity to the market. In the past five years since the completion of my undergraduate program I have progressed from building simple isolated IoT systems for TrafficNet LLC featuring RaspBerry Pis with camera modules and web-based controller applications to complex turnkey IoT solutions merging the technologies of embedded systems, cellular data networks, data centers, and client-hosted or web-based intuitive management applications on an international scale.

My goals for any employer are to bring my adeptness to bear in all stages of product development and to acquire new marketable skills to keep me valuable in the marketplace. I believe that my broad experience in a wide spectrum of technical subjects in such a short career gives me a significant advantage in galvanizing my goals in any professional environment. If you would like to find out if I am a good fit for your organization, please feel free to contact me for a discussion.

Thank you for your time,